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[ 2022.08.18 ] 文字ツールに「画像化」と「キーパッド」機能を追加しました。



修正情報- 2022.9.28 update

[ update : 2022/9/6 ]



"Letter to Image" and "Keypad" functions Added

We have implemented an additional "image" function in the text tool.
Even if it is not displayed in a normal PC / smartphone environment, it can be displayed if it is converted into an image.

In addition, a part of the "keypad" function has been implemented.
You can enjoy the world's characters with a more free idea, such as when you want to input characters that are not compatible with "Kana" or "Latin characters", or when you want to input while looking at the actual character design.

Currently implemented in the following text tools:
[ Last updated : 2022/9/6 ]
Creating Phoenician script

"Kana / Runes [ Runic script ]"
"Creating and Converting Runes [ Runic script ]"
"Ancient Persian Cuneiform"
"Caucasian Albanian script"

In the future, we will gradually add a "keypad" function, mainly for alphabetic characters.